Machinery and equipment for the food industry

Grinder mill

The GRINDER MILL GMCE is high-impact mill, used to transform semolina into flour. It can be used to reduce the size of other shredded materials such as cereals or legumes, in particular when they are humid or fatty.

The grinder mill consists of a rotating disc with a vertical high-speed axis at the bottom, which is equipped with several trunk-section pegs on the upper side. Above this disc is placed a similar static disc with pegs on the opposite side that intersect with the previous ones. The latter disc is mobile and can be approached or moved away at will to vary the impact action. The product is loaded by gravity in the centre of the rotating disc and through the rotational force is pushed at very high speed against the pegs and then against the outer circular case.

Due to the effect of the air vortices, the ground product is canalised to the special tangential output from which it escapes at high speed and into an airflow.

It is therefore appropriate for the outgoing ground product to be decanted by a properly sized cyclone or taken up by a pneumatic suction transport.

The footprint may deviate from the standard size shown in the machine table. Except for the rotating part that cannot be varied, all other parts of the machine can be reviewed and redesigned according to specific needs and customizations.
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