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Pasta grider rolling mill

The PASTA GRIDER ROLLING MILL is a machine specifically conceived for pasta factories.
It is used to transform the rejected pre-shredded pasta into semolina, in order to be mixed to the main semolina mass and sent to the production line once again.

It is a one-passage rolling mill, indeed. Considering the type of use to which it is meant, this machine does not have sophisticated control electric systems, which would be useless, but preserves its primary functions:

  • namely automatic pneumatic attachment and detachment of the milling rolls;
  • manual adjustment of the speed of the alimentation rolls and of the product thickness;
  • control on the level inside the feed hopper.

This machine is equipped of two grinding mills made of hardened steel with diameter 220 mm x 800 mm; the maximum production is 1000 Kg/h.  It is ideal for small and medium pasta factories that want to retrieve the rejected pasta, using that again as raw material. 

The PASTA GRINDER ROLLING MILL can be modified following the customer needs. This machine exists in two different typologies: a classic model, thought to be inserted in a discharge flow, and a model equipped with a discharge screw conveyor, which can be incorporated in the characteristic G&AS compact plant to grind the rejected pasta.
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