Machinery and equipment for the food industry

Milling extractor

The MILLING EXTRACTOR GEAF is used to extract granular/floury products and by-products, which do not flow easily and tend to aggregate, from flat-bottomed stocking silos. It is typically employed to extract bran. 

The machine is designed to be placed on the centre of the flat bottom of a circular silo.
It is composed of an external part containing the moving parts and the motorization, and of an internal part called “arm”, which is plunged in the product to extract.
The arm is equipped with a chain with scaping blades that conveys the product towards the two central outlets. The arm itself turns around the axis of the silo, thanks to a pneumatic cylinder, thus covering the entire area of the bottom of the silo.
The operating pressure of the pneumatic cylinder can be controlled and therefore can be regulated the strength applied to the chain and blades.

The chain movement is given by a gear motor to which it is linked through a coaxial shaft.

The milling extractor is designed to fit in silos with a diameter that ranges from 2,2 m to maximus 5 m.

It is possible to operate a rough check of the extraction capacity through two shutters placed on the outlets. The milling extractor can be optionally provided of electropneumatic shutters to close and open the discharges.

The size of the machinery can be different from the one indicated on table machine; in this case it will be redesigned and adapted for the purpose. The shaft can always be personalised according to the diameter of the available silo.
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