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Fluid bed extractor

The FLUID BED EXTRACTOR GELF is used for the extraction, usually at very high capacity, of flours and/or floury products from storage silos. It is often used to load floury products in bulk on trucks.

The use of the fluid bed extractor makes possible to unload floury and compacting products even from big silos and with high discharge capacity. Moreover, it is useful to level up the product discharge from the silo, avoiding the formation of holes or cones of discharge. 

The fluid bed extractor is composed of static parts, there are no moving organs. Extraction occurs by the effect of the fluidization of the floury product, that takes place thanks to the introduction of pressurized air through a porous membrane that is in contact and supports the product itself.

Once the product is fluid it descends by gravity into the conical extractor and exits to the center, where the drain hole is provided.

Fluid bed extractors are built in different models to match the size of the silo, the product type and the extraction capacity. 

Optionally it can be equipped with manual butterfly or electropneumatic shutter for the opening and closing of the exhaust.

The machine operation requires pressurized air that is typically provided, via pneumatic circuit, by a blower.

The fluid bed extractor consists of a carpentry part that can be made of iron or stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 on which the porous membrane is mounted. The size, air input and output of the product can be modified and customized if required by special needs.
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