Machinery and equipment for the food industry

Vibrating extractor

The VIBRATING EXTRACTOR GEAV is used to extract flour and semolina from a stocking silo.
It is particularly useful in case of powdery or compact products and it helps to make the discharge uniform, in order to avoid “holes” or “cones”.

The machine is composed of a fixed part, bolted to the silo, and a vibrating part to which it is linked through elastic elements. On the vibrating part a vibrating motor is applied, whose movement make the product flow towards the discharge.

Vibrating extractors are built in multiple diameters, to fit the dimensions of the silo and the type of product to extract. 

This machine can be designed in three different typologies, according to the kind of product to process:

  •  GEAV-F extractor used for dry powdery products such as flour, cocoa, dried milk etc. 
  •  GEAV-S extractor used for dry but flowing materials such as semolina, sugar etc.
  •  GEAV-G extractor used for wheat, even humid, and small-sized by-products. 

It can be equipped with a manual shutter, in order to be able to close the outlet in case of maintenance operations on downstream machines.

The vibrating extractor is made of two main parts. The upper one is always standard and remains constant. The lower part, instead, can be customised and is always designed according to the plant necessities. The machine can be built in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316, to process special products such as salt, sugar, dried milk etc.
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