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Special filters

Special filters are all those high-pressure filters that do not belong to the typical building standards but are especially customised to fit in particular situations. They can be used in all those systems operating with air that needs to be filtered and cleaned before being reinserted into the ambience.

The air is pushed or suck in by an aspirator, going from the outside to the inside, and passes through filtering sleeves, leaving the dust on their external surface. A temporised compressed air jet manages to clean upstream the filtering fabric.

We call “special filters” all those small or very small high-pressure filters that can have a square, circular or rectangular plan and that are built to aspirate directly silos, hoppers or small bins. They are not provided with discharge systems because the dust falls back from the sleeves to the container below.

As for all the filters in general, an electrical sequential timer, adjustable, controls the emission of the jets of compressed air inside the filtering sleeves, thus triggering them to inflate, causing the dust to detach.

Several electronic systems are available to control, also remotely, the filter operation.

Operation pressure of the filter ranges from + 0.8 bars to – 0.5 bars.

Operation pressure of the sleeves cleaning system ranges from 6 to 8 bars. 

A pressure gauge constantly checks on every possible pressure drop of the sleeves, showing if they need to be changed or cleaned. Their examination, maintenance and replacement can be performed easily through a large hatch and through other vents. Sleeves can be easily and quickly replaced through a bayonet system.

As for all G&AS construction machines, when required by functionality, capacity, and footprint requirements, special filters can be customized in the dimensions, features, and materials used for construction. Sleeves can be extracted from above and the position of the air inlets can be changed, upon request. They can also be equipped of an aspirator included.
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